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Bright Mind

Wellness Enrichment & Support

Wellness Aid and Healthy Groceries for Low-Income Families

We assist low-income families in our chapter locations with wellness tips and free healthy groceries.

Getting Housing for Homeless People

Our on-the-ground ‘Street Care SOS’ program has successfully gotten homeless people into housing, via a mentoring-based approach. Featuring 1-on-1 meetings and check-ins at least weekly.

Street Care App-Based Homelessness Initiative

Street Care is ‘your toolkit to help homeless people.’ We offer in-the-field and tech expertise to help volunteers and homeless people, notably through our app. Every day, individual acts and well wishes for homeless individuals fall like drops of rain on countless city streets. Each raindrop is essential on its own, but what if we could pool our efforts, resources, and abilities? Street Care helps volunteers safely share wellness items and tips with those who live on the streets. We have helped well over 1,000 homeless people, with over 11,000 items donated/shared, and involving over 250 volunteers. Please join us now. Learn more at

Vaccine-Incentive App

Our Vaccination Rewards vaccine-incentive app for at-risk Americans was created in response to the Covid pandemic. In order to encourage vaccination against COVID-19, Bright Mind created and singularly scaled a much-needed app and website to publicize incentives (which have been shown to help combat vaccine hesitancy). Due to the lack of any publicly visible tool of this nature, the Bright Mind team created this app(;;  also at It features over 300 incentives and rewards valued at over $223,000,000. Through this geographically-organized platform that shows estimated dollar values and lets users click directly to rewards (and via frequent posting across project social media accounts), Bright Mind has reached out in a direct and simple way to those who have not gotten a Covid vaccine.

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