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Bright Mind

Community Enrichment

Online-based Tutoring Program

We offer a free online tutoring program to equip students with social and emotional support, along with academic learning tools.

Classes For At-Risk Communities

We provide wellness-based classes 3 times a week for children and adults.

Literacy For Diverse Communities

Our focus is on providing literacy sessions and the distribution of books and more.

Wellness Workshops & Trainings

We have been providing team-building and community-building workshops and training since our founding.

Small Full-time School

We created a small full-time school run by a teacher recently retired from a top-20 US school district, in response to the pandemic. We followed strictest safety protocols. It was open for 18 months at the height of the pandemic (we transitioned the work to ongoing classes).Key learning focuses: the arts, wellness, mindful learning, learning in nature, and strong core academics. Now that the pandemic has subsided, we have switched to a need-based class model.

STEM+ Camp

To encourage STEM learning, we have offered fun science-based learning to students. The focus: to plant seeds to give children the most well-rounded learning experience possible. Presenting academics interspersed with wellness, to provide significant educational and social growth.