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Wellness Week

Welcome to Wellness Week

Empower your wellness journey and spark social impact – every step, stretch or stride can make a difference.

A Celebration and Call To Action of Health and Happiness!

Newest event: July 29, 2024 -August 4, 2024


Take a shot at achieving a wellness milestone!

E.g., run for 5 minutes, or Go sugar free

Be a Supporter

We prioritize fitness and mental health as crucial elements for nurturing bright minds.

Be a supporter. Sponsor a friend or a loved one’s wellness journey and activities.

E.g., donate $10 to support your friend to achieve a 10-min walk.

120 participants achieved their goals


Have a new challenge idea?

Add a new wellness challenge to inspire others to take action.

Learn about Holistic Wellness

Check out our six dimensions to wellness

Events- More coming soon

Find Your Path to Wellness

From May 25, 2024 to June 8, 2024. Join us for the event! be a participant or a donor or be both!


Embracing a Sweet Life without Refined Sugar

In the heart of Chicago, health-conscious individuals embark on a two-week refined sugar-free journey for Wellness Week, seeking alternatives for a healthier lifestyle.

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Daily walk in Maryland

Daily wellness journey of our “Every Step Towards Wellness” group walks in Maryland. From 8-year-olds to energetic people in their eighties, cultivating a healthier community through consistent exercise and shared well-being.


Meal Kit Giveaway

Every 2 weeks we do meal kit giveaways in New York city, Maryland, Austin. Check out the information below. Let us know if you want to get involved.



Everyone is welcome! Wellness Week is designed for volunteers, community members, elders, youth, differently-abled individuals, and anyone else who wants to prioritize their well-being while building connections within the community.

The Wellness Week team offer Wellness Week event once a month. The next Wellness Week will be from July 29, 2024 to August 4, 2024, offering participants a range of activities to focus on their health and wellness.

Wellness Week celebrates a diverse range of activities. Feel free to create your own or you can do some that other people are already doing, including walking, yoga, healthy eating, and more. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, manage stress, connect with friends, or explore your inner self, there’s something for everyone. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at

Note: Activities are done at one’s own risk. Bright Mind and Street Care cannot be held responsible. Thank you for your support.

Everyone is welcome! Wellness Week is designed for volunteers and community members of all ages who want to prioritize their well-being while building connections within the community.

No problem at all if you can’t complete the activity you signed up for! We’re here to support you, not stress you out. Signing up shows you care, and that means a lot to us. Participate however works best for you – were just happy to have you in our community!

To participate in Wellness Week you can hit the start a challenge button on the top right corner, simply join the activities that interest you. Keep an eye on our communication channels for announcements and instructions on how to get involved. You can also reach out to us if you have specific questions or need assistance.

You can sponsor participants by clicking the “become a donor” button to make a connection with the community. Whether you’re actively participating in an activity or not, your donations help inspire others and contribute to the overall success of Wellness Week. You can give any amount, whether by the minute, by the mile, or simply by offering words of encouragement on the Wellness Week campaign page. Become a donor by clicking here.

If you have any additional questions or need more information, please reach out to us through


Running Challenge

Participating in the Wellness Week was an incredible experience for me. I challenged myself to run every morning, and the sense of accomplishment after each run was indescribable. Not only did I improve my physical health, but the mental clarity gained through these morning jogs has become my daily fuel. Thank you for the motivation to lace up and hit the pavement!

                                                      – CK, NY

Sugar Free Challenge

Quitting refined sugar while working from a cafe proved challenging, given limited sugar-free options. However, this led to significant savings as I typically indulge in sweet treats with coffee. I plan to donate two weeks’ worth of savings to Wellness Week for mental well-being. Walking is now a non-negotiable part of my routine!

                                                    – Bostonian

Running Challenge

Previously I was not able to wake up early. But this time while following the wellness week I made sure to wake up early at 4am everyday and make a discipline out of it. It made life much easier and more productive. I would surely suggest following wellness week and making contributions in the future. Keep it up! Would love to reach out to my friends and family to make an impact on their lives as well.

                                                              – VC


Little Boy Workaholic Productions are sponsoring Wellness Week and have been a Bright Mind sponsor since 2020