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Bright Mind

Our Team

Our volunteer-based team includes award-winning principals and teachers, parents, non-profit leaders and other relevant professionals, working particularly in public schools and the public sector. Bright Mind Enrichment and Schooling leaders and team members have done non-profit educational work together for twenty years. (Aside from the listings below, we will continue to post bios of more Bright Mind team members, so keep checking back).

Board Members

Claudia Kang
Jennifer Griffin
Vice Chairperson
Terrence Calhoun
Vice Chairperson / Treasurer
Martin Brooks
Board Secretary / Manager
Craig Kaufman
Executive Director

Team Members

Adjei Kwesi Boateng
Literacy Director
Andra Brill, Ph.D.
Curriculum and Wellness Director
Dr. Jack R. Garrow
Curriculum Director
Julie Hui
Finance Coordinator
Amy Chan
Administrative Coordinator
Sloka Iyengar PhD, PMP
Director of Programming
Poorva Juneja
Medical/Wellness Advisory Board
Ronald Matovu
Wed Developer and Designer
Ryan "Snacks" Miller
Video Editor/Cinematographer
Folarin Olabisi
Project Manager
Meet Panjwani
Medical/Wellness Advisory Board
Tanaya Parab
Medical/Wellness Advisory Board
Angel R Reynolds
Finance Director
Sridhar Shanmugam
New York Co-Director
Lynette Slape
Web and Graphic Designer
Roopa Sridhar
New York Co-Director
Alecia Summers
Director of Mentoring
Michael Thornton
Mobile App Development Lead
Jack Trent
Video Editor/Cinematographer
Tuqa Youssef
Operations Director

Community Collaborating

From healing arts non-profits to civic and community groups, Bright Mind collaborates with – and always seeks to collaborate further with a diversity of individuals and groups.

Join us!

New team members are often sought, including those with educational, operational, financial, administrative and other types of experience. Let us know how you would like to contribute.