We aim to foster the following in students, both children and adults:

Well-Being: a holistic approach to help students focus as individuals, as scholars, and as community members

Tenacity: inspiring students to achieve the highest levels academically

Curiosity: through exploratory activities

Creativity: incorporating the arts continually, solving problems in new and exciting ways

Wellness is at the heart of our approach, as a way to help students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Enrichment classes and camps

Bright Mind Enrichment and Schooling offers classes and camps. Contact us if you are interested in classes or in camps for your community, regardless of where you live.

Enrichment programming is crucial to our universal, community-centered approach, focusing on educating children and their entire families. Continuity of learning is key to our vision –this type of programming is an important way to help ensure that learning continues even when school is closed.


We are working to open a public elementary school, as a way to provide stellar and innovative education to children who often lack options for educational excellence. As an organization that believes profoundly in public schooling, we look forward to working closely with many other public schools and community institutions, to benefit many students.

Curricular Materials

Our unique curricular materials are the result of decades of teaching experience. Plus, Bright Mind’s team features curriculum developers along with many other types of educators. We have a variety of curricular materials for children and people of all ages (including units, lessons, scope and sequence materials, timelines, assessments, schedules, and comprehensive school operational materials).