Our Approach

We aim to foster the following in students, both children and adults:

Well-Being: a holistic approach to help students focus as individuals, as scholars, and as community members

Tenacity: inspiring students to achieve the highest levels academically

Curiosity: through exploratory activities

Creativity: incorporating the arts continually, solving problems in new and exciting ways

Wellness is at the heart of our approach, as a way to help students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

What Community Wellness means to us:

  • tuition-free programs of excellence, notably for those who lack educational options
  • embracing diversity, including support for those in challenging circumstances
  • enriching students at all levels of need and learning
  • commitment to creating a community-driven progressive public school in the near future
  • community-centered– deeply integrated academically and socially within the larger community

Support Us

-Donating: Paypal, checks, AmazonSmile, bequests, and more, are welcomed.
-Asking your company, community institutions, co-workers, and friends to support our work.
-Requesting new classes for your community.
-Spreading the word to co-workers and potential collaborators.
-Donating in-kind: laptops and more are needed.
-Volunteering: Volunteers are always needed.