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Full-time School

Our small full-time school was created in response to the pandemic forcing schools to close. After being open for nearly a year and a half, up until late 2021, we now are offering classes on an as-needed basis. Young children were studying there with our longtime licensed teacher (retired recently from teaching at a nationwide top-20 school district). Key learning focuses: the arts, wellness and mindful learning, learning in nature, strong core academics! It was located in the Baltimore area and maintained strongest safety protocols to enable in-person learning. Please let us know if you are interested in having your family learn with us by email.

Our Street Care Homelessness Services

Our Street Care initiative provides support to people struggling with homelessness. Our group provides a Street Care direct outreach program to person in need, having aided people in Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, and beyond. We won a grant for the 2022 year that allows us to do more to help those in need, and to be out on the streets even more. We also help homeless people in Washington, DC.

Community Engagement

This program delivers, groceries and other life essentials to families struggling economically.

Trainings/ Workshops

Our expert trainers help educate community members to serve homeless people safely and effectively, along with providing team-building and community-building activities. We regularly train Bright Mind members and other community members in Maryland.

Team Leaders

Martin Brooks


Terrence Calhoun


Join Us
We are always interested in having others join with us -no experience necessary. Contact us at