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Bright Mind

Openings - Volunteer Manager

About the Job

BME was just featured on ABC, CBS, Politico, Newsweek, and many more outlets for our vaccination project and we need more people to join us as we continue to solve urgent social issues! CBS News said of our newest app: “Health experts have said friends and family are key to getting those who aren’t vaccinated and experts say this (Vaccination Rewards) app will start those conversations.”

Bright Mind Enrichment is a community wellness 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping individuals thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Our newest project is Vaccination Rewards, a unique tool to help people during the pandemic. We also recently launched a community wellness initiative, Street Care, focused on helping vulnerable populations through our deployable online and on-the-streets outreach program approach. For Street Care, we have developed an app road-mapped to provide volunteers with background context, how-to videos, and interactive functionality — to enable anyone to feel prepared to go out and help homeless people safely and effectively.

Bright Mind Enrichment (BME) seeks operations support. If you have the expertise, are a self-starter, or are just starting out, we welcome you to apply (we can fit our work to fit different people who have the volunteer spirit!). We have expanded into new areas in our work with the most vulnerable populations (notably via our initiative and a new micro-school project), and we are taking on new volunteers.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Help us with a new system we are creating to coordinate and manage volunteers, including the recruitment aspect of our community volunteer program that enables individuals to help homeless people.
  • The system includes tracking volunteer hours and ensuring that volunteers feel engaged with what they are involved in.
  • Can include supporting the rollout of this (and therefore engaging directly with our volunteers and our volunteer program!)

Job Location

This is a virtual opportunity with no fixed address

When To Start

We’ll work with your schedule


  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • CSR / Volunteer Coordination



Bright Mind Enrichment is a community wellness organization dedicated to helping individuals thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. We recently launched a community wellness initiative: Street Care focused on helping vulnerable populations through our deployable online and on-the-streets outreach program approach. We have an app, a store for in-the-field gear, an expanding series of informational materials and instructional videos (25+ already), and more (at We are passionate about building community and this is a crucial time to create change, come and join our team this work is a transformative success!

You will work closely with BME’s leadership and team and have full support from our diverse teams spanning different industries, including non-profit work and various types of project management experience.
We have worked hard to create strong internal systems, which have worked well both for project managers and the team members with whom they work. Along with numerous tracking materials and modules, we have a variety of organizational methods to help us track work.

For reference, we have extensive organizational and curricular materials that we have developed; BME standard documentation available; and more. Our team members have longstanding relationships throughout the nonprofit community and across sectors; deep experience in nonprofit work; and broad multi-platform experience. We will provide all necessary support –and teamwork!– to see this work through together.
Thank you!


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