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Here are some testimonials from our pilot wellness week.


CK Running 3 days a week
Participating in the Wellness Week was an incredible experience for me. I challenged myself to run every morning, and the sense of accomplishment after each run was indescribable. Not only did I improve my physical health, but the mental clarity gained through these morning jogs has become my daily fuel. Thank you for the motivation to lace up and hit the pavement! CK.

A Bostonian … going sugar free said
Quitting refined sugar while working from a cafe proved challenging, given limited sugar-free options. However, this led to significant savings as I typically indulge in sweet treats with coffee. I plan to donate two weeks’ worth of savings to Wellness Week for mental well-being. Walking is now a non-negotiable part of my routine!


Vedant Chokshi who is Jogging 3 Miles A Day said : Previously I was not able to wake up early. But this time while following the wellness week I made sure to wake up early at 4am everyday and make a discipline out of it. It made life much easier and more productive. I would surely suggest following wellness week and making contributions in the future. Keep it up ! Would love to reach out to my friends and family to make an impact on their lives as well.
Anonymous… Playing chess 3 times a week
Engaging in regular chess sessions has been a captivating journey that has enriched my life during this Wellness Week. Each game presented a mental challenge, sparking strategic thinking and sharpening my focus. The discipline of playing regularly not only honed my analytical skills but also provided a serene escape from daily stressors. This commitment to chess has proven that mental wellness and enjoyment can seamlessly intertwine, leaving me eager to continue this rewarding pursuit beyond this week.
Anonymous… Hitting gym 5 days a week
Committing to the gym five days a week during Wellness Week has been life-changing. Each workout felt like a personal triumph, boosting my energy and mental clarity. The routine brought balance amid life’s chaos. This dedication not only established healthier habits but also highlighted the immense impact of self-care. I’m grateful for this transformative experience and excited to continue this journey toward a happier, healthier me.