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Heartwarming Holiday Meal Kit Giveaway: A Community Celebration of Generosity and Unity in Austin, Texas

Exciting News! On December 20, 2023, Bright Mind Texas hosted a heartwarming holiday wellness event for 100 people, mostly children, led by a dinner kit giveaway (kits of nearly 20 hot dinners per person), in Austin, Texas.

That’s nearly 2,000 dinners!This was made possible by the generous support of our chapter’s donors, who gave $600, along with our sponsors at Lowe’s and Trader Joe’s

Alecia Summers, Director of Mentoring and Texas chapter lead, spearheaded the event, along with local and national members of the dedicated team at Bright Mind. Their collective efforts truly brought joy and warmth to the community during the holiday season.

Their collective efforts truly brought joy and warmth to the community during the holiday season.

A special shoutout to Ricardo Ramirez, Manager at Lowe’s store #1727, and Frannie Peharry, Manager at Trader Joe’s store #453, for their incredible generosity and commitment to community outreach.

Ricardo Ramirez and the Lowe’s team from store #1727 provided essential supplies.

Frannie Peharry and the Trader Joe’s crew from store #453 went above and beyond, contributing to the festive event and making a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

Their support played a pivotal role in making this event a reality, emphasizing the power of community collaboration and the importance of lifting each other up.

Thanks to the dedication of these amazing donors, we successfully provided nourishing meals to over 100 individuals in underserved communities, spreading joy and warmth during the holiday season.


Looking ahead, we’re eager to continue our efforts in the new year, with plans for future events that promote unity and wellness, and provide essential resources to those in need.

Our commitment to fostering a sense of community and addressing food insecurity remains steadfast.

A special note of gratitude goes to Kimberly Reed, NRP Group property manager, for graciously hosting this event. Her dedication to the community and exceptional support, made a significant difference in the success of our holiday meal kit giveaway.

Let’s carry this spirit of giving into the future, making 2024 a year filled with more compassion, collaboration, and positive impact. Together, with the support of wonderful individuals and organizations, we can make a difference!