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Bright Mind

🌟Welcome to Wellness Week - A Celebration and Challenge of Health and Happiness!! 🌟

Wellness Week🌿 is a dedicated period aimed at promoting and enhancing holistic well-being among individuals and communities. A time when we come together virtually and in-person to celebrate and prioritize our health💪 and happiness.😊 So, get ready to ignite feelings of joy and vitality as we nourish the well-being of our valued volunteers, students and recipients, and the entire community. 

Enjoy the Journey to Wellness as we prepare to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit🌀with a lineup of invigorating activities and opportunities for self-care. From calming yoga🧘‍♂️to nutritious meals🍏, there’s something for everyone to discover and relish.

We prioritize fitness and mental health as crucial elements for nurturing bright minds.

Make a Difference, whether through your activity or sponsorship and connect with the community and inspire others to join us in this journey.💖 Whether you’re a wellness warrior or just starting, this is your opportunity to reset, recharge, and prioritize – YOU.✨

Check out some key activities from our previous wellness weeks and participate now!📊

126/200 - Join us in prioritizing your well-being!

                                                          “ Our donation drive is ongoing; your contribution is still welcome!”

$4316 raised of $5,000

Little Boy Workaholic Productions are sponsoring Wellness Week and have been a Bright Mind sponsor since 2020


Chicago sugar free lifestyle (December 2023) 

Daily walks in Maryland (December 2023)