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Small Full-time School / Ongoing Classes and Mentoring

Our full-time school was created in response to the pandemic forcing schools to close. After 18 months, when the pandemic subsided, we switched to a need-based class model plus mentoring. Our key learning focuses are the arts, wellness, mindful learning, learning in nature, and strong core academics! We are still working to open a long-term school. We always maintain the strongest safety protocols in our teaching, including in the Texas, Maryland, New York and Florida areas. We now also tutor and mentor online.

Street Care

Due to the pandemic, we felt compelled to help find solutions for those at greatest risk, and thus we started Street Care for homeless people. Featuring dozens of how-to videos and an app, Street Care allows people to overcome common fear and hesitancy regarding helping homeless people, so as to be able to help on their own, whenever and however they can. It allows volunteers to record homeless people’s needs so that other users can then help further, offering precisely-needed help and expertise to those in need.
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Vaccination Incentives App

To provide all help possible during a life-threatening time, Bright Mind rapidly released the Vaccination Rewards app and website in the spring of 2021, aggregating over 300 incentives worth $223 million. By providing ‘history’ and 'like' functions, location-based searching, estimated dollar value, and the ability to click to rewards and share quickly, we reached vaccine-hesitant people in an optimal way. Based on studies that show that family and friends are the best vaccine ambassadors, we also made our tools easy for them to use and share.  
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