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Bright Mind

Locations: Florida


STEM+ Camp

We have provided short STEM+ camps for children in Jacksonville, Florida. Science experiments, outdoor activities, and far more! The goal of Camp STEM+ is to plant seeds to give children the most well-rounded experience possible.

Our Street Care Homeless Services

Our Street Care initiative provides support to people struggling with homelessness. Our group provides a Street Care direct outreach program to homeless people in need and has helped people many times on numerous Street Care Days of Action.

Community Engagement

We deliver life essentials to those struggling with homelessness.

Team Leaders

Ryan “Snacks” Miller

Ryan’s hybrid talent for the visual and for language serves him well as he serves those in need and no one’s background is as diverse as Ryan’s considering the skills he has: video production services, writing, filming/directing, editing, copywriting, podcast production and acting.

And sometimes a nonprofit needs exactly someone like this—someone who sees it on both sides of the camera, giving it a unique take on what’s needed to help the community.

He also cofounded and codirects all of our Florida programming.

Many organizations have used his talents: Little Boy Workaholic Productions (as the founder), First Command Financial Services, Inc. and Vitaleo. Also, he served in the Navy for 11 years as a helicopter pilot in Hawaii, Pensacola, and Jacksonville (he is currently medically retired due to a service-connected disability).

Along with his BME duties he runs the communications wing of Vitalleo Health, a clinical-grade nutritional supplement company featuring advanced, non-invasive
diagnostic testing.

Erica Miller

Erica Miller is one of the most versatile members of the Bright Mind team. Erica is part of Bright Mind’s team in Florida. Her ability to navigate and execute projects has done wonders in helping Bright Mind flourish.

She works for the US Department of Labor as a Worker’s Compensation Claims Examiner. Her list of experience goes beyond her current duties including working for the US Air Force as a Security Forces Specialist and volunteering for various organizations.

Join Us

We are always interested in having others join with us -no experience necessary.   Contact us at

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