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App & Website Listing over $223 Million In Clickable USA Vaccine Incentives, From BME Nonprofit

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VACCINATION REWARDS has reached up to 67 million people in August so far.

In order to encourage vaccination against COVID-19, BME has created a much-needed app and website to publicize incentives (which have been shown to help combat vaccine hesitancy): our Vaccination Rewards platform, which has been featured on CBS, ABC, Politico, Newsweek, and more, reaching up to 67 million people in August alone. "Health experts have said friends and family are key to getting those who aren't vaccinated vaccinated and experts say this app will start those conversations." -CBS News

Due to the lack of any publicly visible tool of this nature, the BME team has stepped in and created an app (on Google Play at; in process of approval with Apple) and standalone website that feature nearly 301 incentives and rewards valued at over $223,000,000. Through this easy-to-use geographically-organized platform and frequent posting across project social media accounts, along with other campaigns to be rolled out shortly, BME will reach out in a direct and simple way to those who have not gotten a vaccine at this point.

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  • We welcome anyone to donate to our Matching Funds Fundraiser: Double your Donations -give $10 and we will receive another $10 from a donor. This will help us to strengthen our ability to help the community.

Also, the Vaccination Rewards platform calculates the amount of value available in each state and nationally, so as to clearly present to users exactly what their state is providing to people. BME receives no monetary benefit from this project. The site is provided purely as a public service. It is created and maintained entirely by volunteers.

BME co-founder and Vaccination Rewards chairperson, Martin Brooks, has stated, "As the pandemic continues to take its toll, nothing is more important to me than trying to reach my fellow veterans who have not yet been vaccinated. We want to make sure that people know all the additional benefits available to them when they get a vaccine."

BME also hopes to encourage as many companies and organizations as possible to participate in creating vaccination incentives and rewards for their employees and the public, with a goal of protecting American citizens from COVID-19. Organizations with incentives for their employees and/or the public are encouraged to contact to be included on our Vaccination Rewards app, website and media.

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